Scholarship Fund

In order to support the UNC Department of Orthodontics and maintain the highest possible level of excellence in the department, the Orthodontic Alumni Association establishes the UNCOAA Faculty Support / Scholarship fund for that specific purpose.

The purpose of the fund: To provide funding for projects that benefit the UNC Department of Orthodontics, as determined by the department chairperson. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. support of departmental research projects for which other funding is not available;
  2. equipment to meet research, teaching and/or clinical needs;
  3. support of necessary social functions;
  4. travel to professional meetings or consultation with outside collaborators in departmental projects;
  5. other specific purposes as needed to maintain departmental excellence.
  6. scholarships for selected present or past orthodontic residents who are being trained for a potential faculty position at UNC;
  7. loans to assist orthodontic residents during their training as indicated for the benefit of the department.

Donation to Faculty Development/Scholarship Fund

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